Our Covid Plan

Our Covid Plan

To keep our customers, team members and partners safe we have published the following plan 


Buckfast Carpets Covid 19 trading plan. 

Once we are instructed to open our showroom by the government, we will implement a plan to minimise the risk of contagion to our team, customers and partners as much as possible. Therefore, we are implementing the following: 

Customer visiting the showroom. 

  • We will only allow 2 groups of 2 people in the store at any one time if they are both from the same household. We will run an appointment system and customers who have an appointment will take priority for showroom visits. We will strongly advise customers to make an appointment. 
  • Customers will be asked to wear a face covering if possible. 
  • To manage this, we will have retractable barriers to stop full entrance into the shop. 
  • A sanitising station will be by the showroom entrance with hand gel, antibac spray and towels, gloves and wipes etc. 
  • Hand gel will be provided by the entrance and all visitors will be asked to sanitise their hands on arriving and leaving. 
  • We are installing a Perspex shield at our main desk to separate customers and team members. 
  • Team members will wear face masks whenever dealing with customers and will also sanitise their hands before and after each meeting. 
  • After each meeting we will wipe down all flat areas and samples with anti bac. 
  • Underlay feelers will be provided for customers to take home. 

Home visits and measures. 

  • Measuring in the home is a key part of the buying process and we need to minimise risk of transition. 
  • Our team members will wear a mask and either disposable gloves or will anti-bac their hands when entering your home. 
  • Please maintain a 2-meter distance from our team member and show him the rooms you need measured. Then please leave the room and let our team member measure. 
  • If possible, rooms should be well ventilated before and after the home visit. 
  • After leaving, our team member will remove the gloves and masks that will not be reused and will then sanitise their hands 


  • Wherever possible deliveries will be made by 1 person. 
  • Small deliveries must be left in the isolation entrance area. 
  • Bulky deliveries will need to be delivered to a trolley either at the pavement or just inside the shop. If into the shop delivery drivers must wear masks and sanitise. 
  • If customers are in the shop then they must be asked to move to an area away from the delivery. 
  • Team members will not assist on the lorry. 
  • Team members will sanitise after every delivery. 


  • Couriers will not enter the shop, parcels will be left at the back door. We are investigating a secure area in the rear yard where collections can be made. 

Representative visits 

We recognise these are vital for a progressive business, again we must minimise the risk. 

  • Representatives must make an appointment as we cannot have them in the showroom at the same time as customers. Representatives are able to call up to ½ hour in advance if they wish to come in “ad-hoc” 
  • Appointments will only be agreed if they are necessary for merchandising of sampling or other essential reasons. 
  • Where possible meetings should be done by video conference. 
  • Representatives must wear masks and sanitise as with customer visits. 
  • Representatives should maintain social distancing of 2m or be separated by screens 
  • Team members will wear face masks during meetings 
  • Team members will wipe down all flat areas and samples with anti bac and hand sanitise after meetings. 

Finally, we will be cautious in all our dealings within our showroom and when visiting customers, use common sense and keep ourselves and everyone around us safe. 

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